Black Coffee Urged To Have DNA Tests After Enhle Mbali’s Leaked Audios

South African actress Enhle Mbali is trending on social media again after audio call recordings between her and the wife of a married man with whom she allegedly had an affair were leaked and now fans are asking Black Coffee to do a DNA test on his children with the actress.

Enhle Mbali admitted to having an affair with married businessman Justice Huni and confirmed their polygamous arrangement in a leaked audio conversation with the married man’s wife Valentine Bango.

They also discussed Enhle Mbali’s sexual relationship with Justice, her husband, iharare reports.

Below are the audios;

This comes just a few weeks after Enhle Mbali made headlines after Valentine Bango accused her of being a home wrecker.

Valentine Bango allegedly dropped receipts proving Enhle Mbali was having an affair with her husband, Justice Bango.

Even after she brought all the evidence for all to see, tweeps did not believe her; instead, they came to Enhle Mbali’s defence and accused her ex-husband Black Coffee of organizing a smear campaign against her.

And now, after giving Enhle Mbali the benefit of the doubt, Mzansi is convinced that Enhle was having an affair with the married businessman Justice Bango.

After the video went viral, netizens started advising Black Coffee to get a DNA test for both his children with Enhle Mbali after she revealed to Valentine that she was sleeping with her husband while still married to Black Coffee. Tweeps are now convinced that the kids may not be his.


Black Coffee need to do DNA in all the kids he has with Enhle

He might be single-handedly buying electricity for strangers


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