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Investors in Cyber City are becoming increasingly irritated due to fraudsters

Mr Spencer Muchamiri, an ex-policeman, has thrown mud at the project by blackmailing investors working on road construction and resurfacing at Harare’s multimillion-dollar Cyber City.


Mr Muchamiri and other fraudsters are allegedly targeting the special Presidential investment advisor, Mr Paul Tempter Tungwara, who is working with billionaire investors who are working with Dubai-based investors on the megacity’s construction.

The 2.5 million square meter Cyber City project will include 250 townhouses, more than 80 luxury villas, apartment blocks, high-tech office facilities, a 15-story commercial tower, and landscaped gardens.

Norton Member of Parliament, Honourable Themba Mliswa, has chastised those who are attempting to throw a spanner in the works.
” It’s a great project, but it seems like there will always be people who are envious when they see someone they grew up with in Mbare or Highfields succeed. Pull him down syndrome is not a good thing. He’s done well, and we should acknowledge and accept that.

“Why can’t we accept the success of one of our own? Tungwarara is a trustworthy individual I previously worked with at Salt Lakes Holdings. We were also working together to turn around the Shamuyarira Farm, and we’ll be having a field day there soon.

“The majority of these accusers are extortionists.” They are only interested in themselves.

They are only interested in themselves. I’ve always been an advocate for black business owners.”

He also labeled those who are criticizing the special investment advisor as fraudsters.

The majority of these accusers are extortionists. They are only interested in themselves. I’ve always been an advocate for black business owners.


“It’s almost as if as black people, we can’t bear the thought of one of us succeeding. We are subconsciously content with remaining in a lower social class than foreigners.”


The multi-million dollar Cybercity in Harare’s Mt Hampden, which began construction in November last year, has already gained traction.

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