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Grant Mashasha still being abused

A Chitungwiza man who went for years without stepping a foot outdoors has disappeared again.

The whereabouts Of Grant Mashasha, who grabbed headlines late last year for reportedly living in the ceiling of his family home for years, has remained a mystery, with some sections alleging that he was spotted at a Madzibaba’s shrine in Seke.

A source told H-metro that Grant was spotted at the shrine with one of his mother’s sisters last Friday.

“From the ceiling to a shrine is not different from the abuse Grant had been subjected to. Security at the shrine has been beefed up since they do not want people to know about Grant’s whereabouts.

“He is no longer in the care of medical experts, but his condition has not changed much, and the relatives want to continue exposing him to serious abuse.

Mumwe mudzimai akaberekwa pamwechete naGogo Mashasha ndiye anopota achisvika pamasowe ipapo achizomupa food and clothes,” said the source.

Grant spent more than 10 years confined indoors at his parents’ Zengeza home and police retrieved him from the ceiling when they went to remove the decomposing body of his father, Gideon.

Whe he was found, Grant looked like a homeless person with very long nails that had not been attended to in years. He also had very long unkempt hair and beard.

Meanwhile, Grant’s mother, Gogo Plaxedes Mashasha, 66, who is currently out on bail, is expected to appear in court for trial on February 13.

Gogo Mashasha is being charged with culpable homicide for allegedly spending days with her husband’s decomposing body in the house without notifying the police.

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