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Outrage Over Viral Video Of Headmaster Forcibly Shaving Students’ Hair

There has been outrage on social media after a video emerged showing the headmaster of George Stark school in Mbare forcibly shaving off students’ hair on school’s opening day.

Mr Masimba Mupavaenda is seen standing at a classroom door shaving off students’ hair with scissors saying stylish “hairstyle does not promote good learning”  in an interview with the Herald.

Watch the video below;

A debate has begun o social media with some supporting the move while others feel it is unnecessary.

This has even got Permanent Secretary for Information Nick Mangwana indulged personally airing out his view.

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Relying to one social media user, Nick Mangwana said he has a problem with the headmaster’s conduct;

“Personally I have (a problem with this), Mhofu. It’s called hair vandalism and I detest all vandalism.

” So if a learner comes to school with a wrong piece of garment, does the headmaster take a pair of Scissors and rip it apart or mutilate it? It’s not right. He could have sent them home without making them wear silly hairstyles the whole day.” said Mangwana.

Mbongeni Moyo

“Hair style does not promote good learning ” how? These old madalas should move with the times. What’s wrong with neat plaited hair? You will find that even laptops and phones are not allowed at this school, at this day and age.”

Matt Mutema
“This is so so oppressive and so so wrong. He has no right yekugera vana. Apihwa consent nema parents evana here. Why do we let such diabolical things happen in our country. If I were a parent of one the children, I would sue him in his personal capacity. That’s my grandson.”

Joseph Samanyara

“This is unacceptable! The school should find ways of communicating with the parents!”

Others are of the view that schools that allow hair do exist in the country.

Invest in Eastern Highlands@wasudigital

“Haaaa chief ma schools asingagerwi vana musoro they are there. You just take yours to that school it’s simple though. Haungapindi Johanne Marange vobva wati handidi kugerwa zudo nekuchengeta ndebvu it can’t.”

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