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South African Doctor Exposes Marry Mubaiwa Over Chiwenga Attempted Murder

The fifth witness in Marry Mubaiwa’s trial for allegedly trying to kill her ex-husband Vice President Constantino Chiwenga by turning off his life support system in a South African hospital yesterday testified in court that she coerced him into giving the VP a lethal drug injection called Pethidine.

According to South African doctor Dr. Willi Leo Sieling, Mubaiwa was not pleased that he was providing VP Chiwenga with the best medical care.

He said that sometime in December 2018, Dr John Mangwiro, the health deputy minister, summoned him to meet with Vice President Chiwenga at the Fire Ice Hotel in Pretoria. When he got there, he and Dr Mangwiro and Mubaiwa had a lengthy discussion about the possibility of travelling to Cape Town to consult with doctors.

“I discussed with the complainant in the suspect’s presence and just before they left, the accused gave me US$1 900, but I did not know what the money was for,” he said.

Dr Sieling said he just thought the money was a gift from Mubaiwa since he had gone out of his way to assist VP Chiwenga.

“On the second trip on June 23, 2019, Dr Mangwiro called me saying the complainant was extremely ill and needed admission to a high care unit at NetCare Pretoria Hospital and I made the arrangements,” said Dr Sieling.

He further submitted that he waited until 2140hrs on the day, but could not see VP Chiwenga.

Dr Sieling said he arranged that specimens be extracted through a cystoscopy and it was then that he knew there was a problem with the first clean urine sample earlier submitted.

He said the urine specimen confirmed that VP Chiwenga was administered with Pethidine and Propofol, but he could not find the person who administered the drugs.

He stated that he then told VP Chiwenga that he had been administered Pethidine and Propofol.

Dr Sieling told the court that when speaking to patients, they did not want anyone inside the ward, but after telling VP Chiwenga of the Pethidine in his blood, one of the security persons entered the ward.

The security personnel Dr Sieling to stop talking to VP Chiwenga.

Presiding magistrate, Mr Feresi Chakanyuka, postponed the trial to August 28 for continuation

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