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Winky D Issues Mind Blowing Statement On Eureka Album

Zimdancehall superstar Winky D has released the last from his latest album Eureka Eureka and has penned a statement to thank those who contributed to the album’s success and the listeners.


Winky D highlighted the contributions made by the producers, engineers and instrumentalists saying everyone made the album a success.

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He, however, did not respond to any of the current gossips concerning his political orientation.

Here is the full text of the message :

“The Eureka music ship has now reached its destination.
We will never take for granted diligent musical efforts by all the artists who featured on the album.

We indeed learnt a lot from each other’s vibes. Heartfelt appreciation is due to the instrumentalists, producers and engineers of the album who continued to offer a dependable work culture. Their attention and dedication were such a blessing.

And to you, the music community, whose hearts, minds and souls were the destination, your response to the music continues to show that you truly are a music community of the highest order and pedigree. I hope that Eureka Eureka touched your hearts and souls on the purest spiritual, emotional and physical heights and depths.

Thank you for sharing the kindness of your hearts by streaming the music, and, for your acceptance to connect with me on the album content. I owe you my deepest gratitude for dedicating your time and resources to listen to the music on the album. Till the next album, we say Eureka Eureka”.


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