Enhle Mbali’s Married ‘Lover’ Speaks Up

Enhle Mbali’s married lover Justice Huni has spoken out following leaked audio that confirmed that they were having an affair.

The audio was leaked by Huni’s wife, Valentine Bango, on her Instagram page. In the audio, Enhle Mbali and Bango are having a conversation in which the former acknowledged that she was in a relationship with Justice.

Enhle Mbali’s married lover released a statement on Wednesday morning addressing the leaked audio and the nature of his relationship with the actress.

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In the statement released on Instagram, Justice Huni denied having an extramarital affair with Enhle Mbali. He also denied wanting to marry her, saying they have been friends since they were teenagers.

Justice Huni suggests that Enhle Mbali lied on his behalf, and it deteriorated to the current situation where she is being accused of being a homewrecker.

Below is Justice Huni’s statement:

It is with regret that I have to use my social media platforms to address issues pertaining to my personal life.

In the past few weeks, allegations were levelled by my wife, about my friend since we were teens, who is also My business associate Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa.

I categorically deny everything stated about Enhlie pertaining to the nature of mine and Enhle’s relationship. She, unfortunately, got herself into a messy issue and as a friend covered for me unaware it would lead to this unfortunate event.

I regrettably understand that my statement could be moments too late and a narrative built up already about her. she is one of the boys and covered for me. She does not deserve any of this. I will throughout the process assist in clarifying any more illegal footage from a significant other.

This is a matter that needs to be handled within my household as other issues have been in the past and never has extended to any further to any other third party.

In related news, Peter Sebiloane, the man Enhle Mbali dated after divorcing Black Coffee, admitted that they broke up.

He confirmed Justice Huni’s claim that he and Enhle Mbali are just friends.

“He has always been around. The time Mbali and I were dating, I knew him as a friend and am as shocked as everyone,” he told ZiMoja.

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