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Kenyan Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ, Turns Water Into Tea At Wedding

A Kenyan man who identifies as Jesus Christ spoke about his life and church, and his adherents assert that he works “miracles” just as Jesus Christ is said to have done in the Bible.

Mwalimu Yesu wa Thangole, from Bungoma describes himself as the genuine Jesus Christ, and has gained a sizable following by working “miracles.”

He asserts that God gave him the name and gave him instructions to spread the gospel all over the world as part of his divine mission.

“I am Jesus Christ. Many ask if I am the real Christ, and I affirm to them that I am…Jesus is not for one country, but he is for the whole world,” he asserted in a recent interview with Afrimax English.

Additionally, Mwalimu Yesu has twelve disciples, just like Jesus did in the Bible.

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As he reads from the scriptures, his followers kneel down in front of him and worship him while dressed in head-to-toe robes.

His supporters assert that Mwalimu Yesu has worked numerous “miracles.”

“I fully believe this man is Jesus, he heals and delivers,” claimed one follower.

“Sick people come to this church, and you may think they are so close to death but Jesus always intervenes and they are healed,” added his wife.

The churches where Mwalimu Yesu and his disciples in worship Bungoma county
The churches where Mwalimu Yesu and his disciples in worship Bungoma county

Mwalimu Yesu defended his marital status by quoting Revelations 21:9 in contrast to Jesus, who never wed in the Bible and had eight children.

The verse says, “And one of the seven angels came to me, having the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, “Come here, and I will show you the wife of the Lamb.”

The self-declared Christ asserts that the “Lamb’s wife” who is mentioned in the Bible is the one who gave him the go-ahead to marry and have children.

His church practises procedural worship, with attendees passing through two churches.

Before entering the second church, known as the holy of holies, the faithful must first pass through a mud church with two doors and a window where they must take off their shoes and confess their sins.

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