Mai Titi falls in love again and vows to keep her relationship a secret.

Prominent socialite Mai TT who has been staying in hotels in the United Kingdom, says her new lover asked her to move in with him.

Mai TT real name Felistas Murata recently took to Facebook to announce her new-found love.

“I have been here in the UK moving from one hotel to another. I have to announce that I have found new love, ndakaifira nyika ini. I will never give up on love no matter how many times I get heartbreaks.

Love will give up on me before I give up inini,”she said.

However, the comedienne has vowed not to reveal her lover anytime soon.

“I will not disclose his name as yet, but very soon you will know him. Ndakachi master chi game ichi.

“I am now used to being heartbroken. If I am not heartbroken, I don’t really feel okay.

Idon’t move backwards ini, I move fast forward like Wi-Fi mufunge,” said Mai TT, whose last lover was Tinashe Maphosa.

The two held a lavish wedding last year, but the marriage fell apart, with Mai TT accusing Tinashe of betrayal.



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