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“My son would have lived if police didn’t have Ian Smith era guns”: Muvevi slain cop’s mother cries

The mother of the late Wedza officer in charge, Inspector Maxwell Hove, has shockingly disclosed that her son attempted to flee from the killer former CID officer Jaison Muvevi before he died.

She said that her son was unable to flee the oncoming gunman because the door of his police cruiser became stuck and he was unable to open it, leaving him gravely exposed.

This horrifying information was given by the grieving mother at her son’s burial in Mberengwa’s Chanda Village.

In addition to the police car door, not opening, the bereaved mother reported that Inspector Hove’s revolver allegedly jammed when he needed it the most. Because his firearm malfunctioned at a vital moment, the unfortunate police officer was rendered defenceless and unprotected.

Inspector Hove’s mother offered an impassioned eulogy at his funeral. She urged top police officers and commanders to ensure that personnel are outfitted with the greatest equipment possible in order to minimise similar casualties.

“I am urging the Zimbabwe republic police to equip our officers with state-of-the-art weapons, not these guns from the Ian Smith era that are archaic,” she bemoaned.

The bereaved mother bemoaned the prospect that her son could have survived the awful shooting if he had been properly equipped with a police car and pistol.

Below is a video of Inspector Maxwell Hove’s mother addressing at his funeral:

Following the death of the late Inspector Maxwell Hove, Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga declared that the police will shoot to kill perpetrators of heinous crimes such as armed robbery.

Addressing mourners at a funeral parade held in Harare on Wednesday, Matanga said,

“For the avoidance of doubt, as the Zimbabwe Republic Police, we will not stand akimbo while innocent citizens, let alone police officers, are being decimated by unruly malcontents.

“Furthermore, as police officers, we will not hesitate to shoot to kill all perpetrators of heinous crimes such as armed robbery, which is making society apprehensive,” he said.

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