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Police To Shoot And Kill Armed Criminals

Police have stated that they will not hesitate to shoot and kill all offenders of violent criminal acts in order to ensure that members of the public live in a tranquil and crime-free environment.

A recent wave of armed robberies, as well as the tragic fatal shooting of three people by a lone gunman in Hwedza last Friday afternoon, have heightened concern in society, pushing police to take a stricter stance on gun-related crimes, The Herald reports.

During the funeral service for the officer-in-charge of Wedza Police Station, Inspector Maxwell Hove (43) who was one of three people shot and killed, allegedly by former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer, Jaison Muvevi, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga revealed the stringent measures.

Jaison was my classmate
Jaison Muvevi when he was  arrested in Mozambique after shooting three people dead in Hwedza

While the murder suspect, Muvevi, is now in police prison and made an appearance in court yesterday, the other two murder victims, Crispen Mubvana Kanerusine (62) of Zinzombe Village, Hwedza, and Munashe Majanhi (20) of Majanhi Village, Hwedza, were buried in Hwedza yesterday.

Comm-Gen Matanga expressed concern about the continuous use of firearms in the nation’s many terrible crimes while speaking at the church service.

“I join you ladies and gentlemen with a heavy heart as we mourn a gallant son, Inspector Maxwell Hove who passed away on January 13, 2023.

“The dear departed, is no doubt, one of our illustrious police officers who unfortunately lost his life in gruesome circumstances in the line of duty at Chitope Village in Hwedza. What pains us most is the fact that Maxwell dedicated his life to protecting fellow citizens from societal misfits.

“It is indeed disheartening to note that as a nation, we continue to lose police officers through grisly murders perpetrated by fellow citizens.

“Without doubt, it can never be right for any individual not to respect the sanctity of human life. We have also gathered with concern that despite Government’s amnesty on holders of unregistered firearms to surrender them, many such weapons are being recovered at crime scenes,” said Comm Gen Matanga.

He asserted that police will not remain motionless while law enforcement personnel, let alone innocent bystanders, are being slaughtered by riotous outlaws.

“Those with unregistered firearms would be deemed to have a criminal intent and would be liable for prosecution. Consequently, police officers would not hesitate to shoot to kill all perpetrators of heinous crimes such as armed robbery,” he said.

Inspector Hove joined the police department on May 17, 1999, and quickly advanced through the ranks to become an inspector.

During his 23-year career, Insp Hove worked at different police stations around Zimbabwe, including Chivhu, Harare Central, Milton Park, and Mutawatawa.

“As the officer-in-charge, Inspector Hove received a report of murder in which a church elder at the Johane Masowe weChishanu Apostolic shrine had been killed in cold blood.

“He assembled a reaction team, which he then led to the crime scene. A shoot-out ensued with the accused person which led to Inspector Hove losing his precious life while Detective Constable Mugova sustained injuries on the right arm and lower abdomen,” said Comm Gen Matanga.

“The challenge is not only to his peers but to the entire rank and file to ensure that we diligently discharge our duties so that his death is not in vain. Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our Mozambican counterparts for their cooperation in arresting the fugitive, Jaison Muvevi.”

He said investigations on Muvevi were still continuing while he was in custody.

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