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Bae Tracker: Thi App Lets You Find If Your Partner Is Cheating

A Bulawayo man Walter Mbano (31) recently launched an application to deal with cheating partners

Speaking to B-Metro about the app, Mbano said Bae Tracker helps people track cheating partners before investing in a relationship.

“The application uses phone authentication to sign up. It then gives you an option of searching where you add your partner’s particulars that entail their full name, surname, age and date of birth. The information is stored on the application’s data base.

“If anyone searches for your registered partner on the application, it sends you a notifications. It then provides a platform where you pay a fee to have a chat with that person on the app and find out how they are related to your bae,” said Mbano.

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Mbano said the motivation behind designing the app was that umjolo has become a problem that needed to be addressed.

“What inspired me is that l identified umjolo as a societal problem where a number of people invest so much in a relationship only to discover that their partner is cheating.

“This app helps whenever you start a relationship, as you are able to search if your partner is in a relationship or not. It solves a lot of problems,” said Mbano.

A Bulawayo couple Munashe and Charlyn Zengeni, who are already signed up for the app said the development will ensure accountability in relationships.

“I think the app is quite interesting and fascinating. If people join in, it will lead to faithful relationships as it ensures that you give some form of accountability. We need to look at the bigger picture of this app, it’s fun and exciting and more exciting if you are faithful.

“This is going to be revolutionary to relationships and society as relationships will be restored and mended. We will have healthier relationships, less heartbreaks and reduction of suicide cases,” said Munashe.

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