“I was molested by my nanny”:BamBam

BamBam has disclosed that she was s_exually abused as a child by her nanny and the experience affected her in so many ways.


The Big Brother Naija reality star explained that the abuse happened from the age of 2 till she was 8 and she couldn’t confide in her parents because the nanny threatened her.

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BamBam said the abuse left her with trauma that she still has to deal with now that she is married.

She explained that the nanny used to make her suck her br_easts and would use her fists to mas_turbate. She further stated that she was r_apes a few times by men she dated in the past.

The businesswoman, who now has two daughters of her own, called on the authorities to have stricter laws and punishments for abusers.

Also on Harare Live;

Chrisean Rock was filmed fighting two women shortly after announcing she is pregnant with Blueface’s child.


Chrisean was said to be trying to get to Blueface when the fight broke out on Saturday morning, Jan. 21, in Chatsworth, near Blueface’s home.


Blueface took to Twitter after Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy announcement to say he doubts he’s the father of her child. He then accused her of sleeping with 10 different men apart from him. He added that he wants a DNA test first, then prayed the child is not his.


Eyewitnesses claim Chrisean then dropped in on Blueface at his house where he was throwing a party to ring in his 26th birthday, which was on Friday, Jan. 20.

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Chrisean Rock crashed the party on Saturday in an effort to pull him away.


In the video of the fight shared by TMZ, it seems Blueface was trying to get away in his own vehicle, with a number of people following him, including Chrisean, and it erupted in a massive brawl on the street down the block from his house.


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