Connie Ferguson On Why Ex-Husband Neo Matsunyane Stars In Kings Of Joburg

Connie Ferguson has broken her silence after concerns about her ex-husband Neo Matsunyane featuring in Kings of Joburg 2 The veteran actress raised eyebrows when news that Matsunyane was going to debut in the Netflix series Reacting to the comments, Ferguson said she is not the casting director and she doesn’t see anything wrong with casting Neo because he is a great actor.

Connie Ferguson has finally addressed the ongoing conversation about why she hired her ex-husband Neo Matsunyane to star in Kings of Joburg 2. Some fans were concerned about why the star chose her ex-husband to be a part of a project that was started by her late husband Shona Ferguson. It all started when controversial Twitter user @ChrisExcel102 asked if Connie Ferguson was going to hire her ex-husband if Shona Ferguson was still alive.

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The question we should be asking… Was Connie going to hire the Ex if the husband was still alive?

“There’s nothing that I haven’t done with my husband since we were together. So now, just trying to find my feet on my own, was just so hard, but I think I’m so lucky and blessed to have had the right support around me.

“People walking with me, holding my hand, telling me, ‘Sis, we can do this’.

“My team, my producers, my director, were constantly saying ‘cons, we can do this, not only for Sho, but for you’. They call me the queen … they would say, ‘our queen, we can do this’. To which the former “Generations” actor responded: “First of all, I’m not the casting director.

“Some decisions are made independently, with that said, Neo is a brilliant actor, he’s a brilliant performer and he suited the role perfectly, so why not cast Neo and why is there a point of controversy?”

Matsunyane and Connie tied the knot in 1993 and divorced in 1998. The pair share a daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson.

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