Nelson Chamisa’s Ambitious Plans Have Divided Zimbabweans, Who Say, “We Just Want Basics.”

The ideas of big vision for Zimbabwe that have been proposed by the opposition politician Nelson Chamisa do not appear to be connecting well with Zimbabweans, who have urged him to concentrate on putting the fundamentals of the country in order first. 
Others leveled accusations against him of being arrogant and tone-deaf as well.


On social media, number of Zimbabweans made an impassioned plea to the head of the CCC party, urging him to stop daydreaming about building skyscrapers, fast trains, and spaghetti highways and instead concentrate on delivering the necessities to the country’s citizens.


They stated that while they do not have any concerns with these things, for the time being, all they want is the fundamentals, such as water that runs, power that is steady, and healthcare system that is operational.


This came about when Nelson Chamisa posted photo on social media depicting what appeared to be metropolis in the far future. 
It was captioned by the leader of the opposing party.


“Those of you who are leaving Zimbabwe due to our depressing and difficult conditions, please be ready to be returning to the country very soon. 
People who are uncertain or have doubts put their faith in our compass and process. 
Only if you were aware of what am aware of! 
In little time at all, we will make our nation both thrilling and wonderful. 

In response, many Zimbabweans appealed for him to come down to earth and focus on providing the basics first. They argued that only then would he be able to credibly talk of skyscrapers, bullet trains, and spaghetti roads.
Below are some of the responses from social media,



“This represents a mistake most people make when pursuing something.

“Focus on really grand and sophisticated outcomes when all the focus should be on the foundational aspects & issues

“Zimbabweans need running water, food security, electricity and healthcare.

“Can we start there?”


“Can we first have basic emergency care services for all, health insurance for all, clean running water, electricity, gainful employment?”



“Can we start with basic food and water, comrade?”


“This guy is “our only hope”?
“Are we cursed as a country, or what??
“Real issues of bread and butter, maternal and child care, power and water supply tsvee. Nanga nanga with visuals of pigs flying.”


“I believe every time this chap brings up this dream, he loses 10 votes. And that’s before ZEC starts ‘counting’”



“I would have preferred a picture of a pothole being filled.”



1. Water issues
2. Electricity issues
3. Public transport efficiency
4. Public hospitals
5. Currency
6. Jobs???



“All politicians do is lie, but at least make the lie a bit believable, not like this.”



“Nothing worse than a leader with empty promises. Like it’s just annoying now.”

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