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RIMBI Tours has withdrawn its court application filed against Government after its operating licence was suspended and instead wants to work with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development to ensure its operational practices meet all the criteria for safe operations.
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Felix Mhona announced the suspension of the operation licences of Rimbi Tours and Zebra Kiss following a fatal accident that killed one person on the sport, while injuring others at the 160km peg along the Harare-Nyamapanda Highway.

There was video evidence that the buses were racing and overtaking each other.

In the fatal accident, the Zebra Kiss bus overtook a tipper truck while the Rimbi bus, travelling just behind, rammed into the rear of the truck killing its conductor.

Government has since lifted the suspension of Zebra Kiss operating licence after the company had gone through all the checklist and reforms as required by the ministry, while Rimbi had decided to approach the courts challenging the suspension of the permit.

Now, the company wants to follow the Zebra Kiss route.

The Ministry basically wants ultra-safe travel for passengers and for companies to have tight operational control of their buses and drivers.

Rimbi Tours director Mr Decent Rimbi said he had erred to approach the courts and yesterday decided to withdrew the court application and was willing to engage the Government.

“We realised that what I had done (filing a court application against the Government) was wrong and I have withdrawn the application,” he said.

“I am sorry for my actions, I am sorry to the President, Minister Mhona and to all the people of Zimbabwe. I was ill informed, but later on came to realise that it was a bad decision. I am pleading for leniency.

“We are ready to engage and work with Government to make sure that we avoid the accidents. We are going to submit all the required documents to the Government as well as our safety strategy as per requirements,” said Mr Rimbi. Herald


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