Kikky Badass, Anita Jaxson In Bitter Fight Oer Takura

Popular rapper Kikky Badass has launched a savage attack at fellow musician Anita Jaxson.

Hell broke loose when Jaxson took to the comments section and showered praises at man of the moment, Takura, writing;

“The only male artist in Zim who has swag,” 

Reacting, Kikky said Anita is desperately hunting for a collaboration with Takura, hence all the boot-licking.

“Pese apa dzaiti Shumba ane swag kutsvaga collabo nepfumo nemuseve k unfortunately haasi spec raTakura . He is not the only one vazere kuHiphop vanodzifambira nyaya dze swag, but pamwe haazvione nekuti ive haatorina swag”.

This comes after Jaxson broke up with Kikky’s close friend, Crooger, for emotionally and physically abusing her.

Kikky, a self styled women’s rights advocate who is known for disregarding pending court proceedings by commenting in support of her gender whenever similar allegations are raised would come under fire for double standards.

The same energy was expected when her friend Crooger was arraigned before the courts on allegations of abusing his partner for two years, Jaxson, but she did the opposite.

Instead, she unfollowed Jaxson in a clear display of support for the “abuser.”

Check out how some social media users reacted to the development;

Ko kikky sei asina kuuya nesame energy When stunner and Levels where accused of domestic violence????



I saw this coming but Kikky anozviita anomira nemadzimai wani she was supposed to unfollow crooger zvee ane madouble standards uyu
Asi kikky anoda kuCrooger or they are related or… Chiii chinonyatsoitika
Kiki ngamire neumwe wake, thought she is for women🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anita hauled Crooger to the Civil Court accusing him of physical and verbal abuse.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted a reciprocal protection order.

The court heard that Anita and Crooger were in a relationship for two years during which they cohabited for about a year.-iHarare

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