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Thigh Vendors abused by police officers beg ZRP boss to intervene

Legislators have ordered the Economic Justice Women’s Project (EJWP) to swiftly arrange a meeting with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner General Godwin Matanga to address escalating police s xual assault of s x workers.

Wednesday’s Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus meeting in Harare included s ex workers’ stories.

One Hopley sex worker (name withheld) stated police raids for free s x are common.

“Police invade our workplaces and offer us free s x or arrest, making it hard to work. She stated one may give the authorities free s ex if she can’t pay the fine or bribe them.

Another s ex worker, Getty, complained that police officers often want free s x three times in one night.

At the occasion, EJWP screened a video about s x workers in other states.

Sibusisiwe Buddha, MDC MP for Matabeleland North and vice head of the Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus, sought EJWP to meet with the police commander after the horrific incidents.

“There is an urgent need to schedule a meeting with the police chief and offer a venue for these s ex workers to discuss their horrible experiences with the authorities. Respect this effort.

“We expect police officers to protect all citizens, s x workers included, but instead of fulfilling the legally mandated role, we are hearing allegations of individuals tasked with the responsibility to protect being in the forefront of abuse,” she added.

At the discussion, other MPs urged Zimbabwe should clarify its s_x work policy and set arrest criteria.

EJWP also reported that young women in the informal sector, including mining, vending, and small-scale farming, face significant hurdles that prevent the sector from reaching its full potential.


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