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“Pre-Trial Negotiation Attempts by Businessman Landon in Alleged Theft Case”


Businessman Landon attempted to negotiate an out-of-court settlement before the trial regarding theft of trust property allegations against businessman Ronald Nyandoro. Nyandoro’s lawyer questioned Landon during cross-examination about this last-minute negotiation attempt, suggesting it was improper timing. Landon denied handing over the vehicle at Me Logan’s house, stating it was given at his house in Borrowdale Brooke.


Nyandoro’s lawyer accused Landon of abusing the criminal justice system by reporting theft of trust property after Nyandoro failed to pay consultation fees for services rendered. Landon claimed the Toyota Landcruiser AET 3438 was meant to be returned to him after a period, but Nyandoro denied any temporary trust agreement, asserting the vehicle was payment for services.


Nyandoro countered that he received the car during a dispute between Landon and another businessman, Adam Woodington, which led to Landon’s arrest. The trial was postponed to March 13 for the testimony of the second State witness.

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