Lady Zamar reacts to people trolling her

Lady Zamar is unbothered by the noise from Sjava’s supporters.

The singer has not been given a break since the r_ape case opened against Sjava was nullified.

Trolls and critics have seized every opportunity to bully her; the recent was after Umama hitmaker’s album, Isibuko recorded a massive success.

People bullied her and the various social media platforms, but she’s not moved as she returned to Twitter to react to the mean behaviours from trolls.

“Every time someone is really mean to me on social media because of rumours, gossip, or slander they heard, I kinda feel sad for them I know their intentions are to hurt me, but what I see are people who are hurting, who don’t have enough love and compassion… it’s heartbreaking,” she tweeted.


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