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Glenorah Residents Bash Man For Kidnapping Toddler

A Mbare man was severely beaten after being apprehended on Monday while attempting to kidnap a one-year-old toddler in Glen Norah.

Willie Chindundundu, 21, reportedly hid the child under his apostolic white garment but was apprehended before he could flee with the child.

Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, a spokesperson for the Harare Provincial Police, said the investigation was ongoing.

According to H Metro, some children were playing outside in Glen Norah C around 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

As Willie approached, the other children fled, leaving the toddler behind.

Willie took the child, hid him under his garment, and walked away quickly.

“He was caught by Glen Norah C residents after the child’s mother asked other children who were running away where her son was,” said Insp Chakanza.

The children told the little boy’s mother that a man wearing a white garment had taken the tot.

“Hanzi amuisa mugemenzi, so residents chased after him. When he was about to get into a getaway car, the vehicle sped off as they were about to catch Willie,” said a resident.

He was bashed by the mob before the arrival of the police and confessed that he had kidnapped many other children who were in the mountains.

He, however, did not disclose what he does with children he kidnaps.

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