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Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of That Are The Best

See if these unique jobs pique your interest.
There are excellent jobs with unique names or job duties that many of us have never heard of. Close the knowledge gap and find out about a new opportunity. This list compiled from the Best Jobs for 2023 may also surprise you with careers that offer great salaries, lower unemployment rates, the opportunity to travel or other great benefits.

Salary and job growth data comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Median Salary: $47,180
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 4.0%

A glazier installs glass in buildings, cars and homes. Glazier is a profession where injury is a real risk. However, falling from heights during installation and cuts can be minimized through use of protective gear like harnesses and gloves.

Median Salary: $37,380
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 10.2%

Most people have interacted with a phlebotomist in the course of regular medical care. Phlebotomists take blood for medical testing purposes. They also draw blood from donors. Part of their role is to help patients who may be nervous about the process.

Esthetician and Skincare Specialist

Median Salary: $37,300
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 16.7%

Esthetician and skincare specialists evaluate a client’s skin and then provide suggestions for improving the condition of the skin. They may give treatments for beautifying skin, use wax for hair removal and clean skin.


Solar Photovoltaic Installer
Median Salary: $ 47,670
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 27.2%

Solar photovoltaic installers lay down solar panels. They normally work in teams to measure and cut solar panels for placement on rooftops of homes and businesses. Job growth for this profession is much faster than the average.

Genetic Counselor
Median Salary: $80,150
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 18.2%

Genetic counselors evaluate family medical histories and then assess clients for things like inherited diseases, the potential for birth defects and other genetic issues. This aids them in discussing health decisions with clients. They may focus in a special area like psychiatry or oncology.

Learn more about genetic counselors.

Orthotist and Prosthetist
Median Salary: $75,440
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 16.8%

An orthotist or prosthetist designs braces, artificial hands, feet and other limbs for patients. The goal is to evaluate a patient and then make sure the medical device helps them improve mobility. This job ranks No. 9 in Best Health Care Support Jobs.

Median Salary: $100,950
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 6%

Prosthodontists replace teeth, improve bite and also improve cosmetic dental issues for patients. There is a low unemployment rate for this job, just 0.5%. Dental jobs tend to be in high demand and include higher salaries.

Learn more about prosthodontists.

Social and Community Service Manager
Median Salary: $74,000
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 11.7%

It may be hard to pin down what this job involves at first glance, but social and community service managers have a specific role planning and implementing activities that benefit the public. They can work for many different organizations, and may also focus on a specific group in need, such as veterans. They gather data to assess their programs and report on how effective they are.

Wind Turbine Technician
Median Salary: $56,260
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 44.3%

Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, most people have probably seen a wind turbine. Wind turbines are large machines with three blades, sometimes seen alongside highways or off the coast, that capture wind energy and turn it into electricity. Wind turbine technicians learn to maintain these machines and install them in technical school, or they may do so in community college. Wind turbine technician ranks No. 2 in Best Jobs Without a College Degree.

Learn more about wind turbine technicians.

Petroleum Engineer
Median Salary: $130,850
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 8.3%

Sometimes the word “engineering” makes road, machine or building design leap to mind. But petroleum engineers are focused on getting oil and natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface. Petroleum engineer ranks No. 2 in Best Engineering Jobs, and No. 17 in Best Paying Jobs.

Learn more about petroleum engineers.

Biomedical Engineer
Median Salary: $97,410
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 9.8%

It may be hard to imagine a job designing artificial internal organs or replacement body parts for patients, but that is exactly what biomedical engineers do. They also design software and biomedical equipment. There are many types of biomedical engineers, including genetic engineers and biochemical engineers.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Median Salary: $79,060
Expected Job Growth by 2031: 21.3%

Speech-language pathologists help people with disorders that make it difficult for them to communicate or swallow. They may also work with certain age groups. One surprising thing about this job is that it may seem like work you can only do in a hospital or medical setting. However, it’s possible to travel cross-country as a speech-language pathologist or even take this role part time. Keep in mind though that state requirements for licensure vary.



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