Mihlali Ndamase Dumps Husband Leeroy Sidambe

Mihlali Ndamase reportedly breaks up with her husband, Leeroy Sidambe.

The rumours about their split were triggered by a post shared on Mihlali’s Instagram stories.

The influencer mistakenly shared a photo of herself kissing a man with his face covered; she took the post down but some social media users were quick to take a screenshot.

The screenshot landed on Twitter and people confidently said the man in the snap isn’t Leeroy; hence, Ndamase dumped the businessman for another man.

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In 2022, Mihlali was dragged and trolled to be a homewrecker as Leeroy divorced his wife and ended up with the YouTuber, though he lost some of his money to his erstwhile wife.

Mihlali Ndamase Dumps Husband Leeroy Sidambe

Meanwhile, it was reported that Ndamase and the businessman tied the knot last year to make their relationship official.

The photo hinting at a new man has caused a buzz on social media as people react to how Mihlali as allegedly moved on with a new lover.

See photo and reactions below:

Mihlali Ndamase Dumps Husband Leeroy Sidambe

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