The River: Actress Might Get Away With Murder

ANGELINA might get away with murder on The River.

Now that she has shot and killed her sister wife Paulina, she might think the truth about what she did won’t be revealed.

Cobra really failed Paulina. She had been trying for weeks to tell him that Angelina stole their newborn baby from the hospital and pretended it was hers. Cobra thought she was crazy. He’s now inconsolable and has been drinking non-stop since her death.

He’s acting like he was a good husband when in fact, Paulina’s last days were spent in misery. At least she died after having done a DNA test, which proved the baby was hers. However, this won’t help if no one else finds the results.

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Paulina’s cousin, Mabutho, killed Zolani during a shoot-out with Lindiwe, who had hunted him down after he nearly killed her husband, Zweli.

Lindiwe won’t rest until he finds and kills him. Zolani was not only her nephew, but her better half and confidant.

On House of Zwide, Ona and Neo are getting way too close. There’s something brewing between them. They have a lot in common and both seem to be catching feelings. If they don’t nip it in the bud soon, Ona’s bae Soka might soon find himself single.

When Faith sets her mind on something, there’s no stopping her. She’s made a deal with the devil, Alex. The two fashion icons plan to join forces and start their own label to get back at their enemies, Funani and Nikiwe. Alex struck a nerve when he told her Funani has hired his former side chick for a position she held until their divorce. She’s now more determined than ever before to get back on her feet and give them some tough competition in the fashion industry.

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