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AFP pastor violets minor, threatens to kill her

AN Apostolic Faith Mission Church of Zimbabwe (AFM) pastor, Tawanda Sakadzo has been dragged to court facing allegations of rɑp!ng a 12-year-girl on two different occasions.

The case was, however, postponed to a later date by Masvingo regional magistrate Bishard Chineka.

Sakadzo, who is represented by Omen Mafa of Mutendi, Mudisi and Shumba Legal Practitioners, is alleged to have rɑpǝd the minor in March 2021 at AFM Church in Village 25 under Chief Shumba in Masvingo District. Sakadzo is denying the charge alleging that he was in South Africa at the time the minor was rɑpǝd.

Prosecutor, Mr Liberty Hove, told the court that on the first count, Sakadzo offered a plate of rice to the minor and her sibling at his residence on their way from school. Sakadzo then allegedly started f0ndling the minor’s brǝɑƨts as they were eating and the sibling threatened to reveal the matter.

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The accused released the girls and on their way home, the minor realised that she had left her face mask at the accused’s residence and went back to collect it. Sakadzo then allegedly began f0ndling the girl’s brǝɑƨts and rɑpǝd her once. He then threatened to kill her if she disclosed the matter to anyone.

On another date, Sakadzo met the minor when she was fetching water at a community well with two siblings. The State alleges that he started taking selfies with her and after that the two started watching videos on the phone. Sakadzo allegedly ordered the girl’s siblings to leave and he rɑpǝd her at the well.

The minor did not reveal the rɑpǝ to anyone and her mother noticed blood stains on her pantiǝs and bought her san!tary wear.

The mother then quizzed her daughter after noticing that she was not using the sanitary wear that she had bought. It was then that the minor revealed the rɑpǝ ordeal and the case was reported at Muchakata Police Station leading to the arrest of Sakadzo.

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