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Zodwa Wabantu blames herself for AKA’s death

Zodwa Wabantu claims that she foresaw AKA’s death before he was shot dead by unknown assailants.

Taking to her Facebook page, Zodwa Wabantu revealed that when she was in her traditional hut, her ancestors showed her a vision of AKA getting shot. She claims that she tried to get in touch with him over the phone to tell him about the vision but failed to reach him.

Zodwa Wabantu revealed that an hour after that she found out AKA had been shot and was dead.

” Bengisedumbeni 3 hours ago ngezwa ngsindelwa amahlombe kwakhanya esbhakabhakeni mangiqalaza amathonga akithi angibonisa indoda emhlophe enesihluthu idutshulwa ngakhuleka okwila okuvele kwamemezwa igama lomculi odumile ngazama ukumthinta ocingweni wangaybamba 1 hour after he was shot and killed. l failed him,”reads Zodwa Wabantu’s Facebook message.

Zodwa Wabantu also posted AKA’s picture with a rest in peace caption.

Meanwhile, a Zimbabwean prophet also claims that he accurately predicted AKA’s death.

Posting on his Facebook page following AKA’s death, Prophet Mellontik Orasi said that he tried to reach out to help the rapper but he rejected him.

The self-proclaimed man of God said that AKA would never have died had he listened to him and not ridiculed him.

“AKA Rubbished me

This wasn’t to have happened,
Let’s pray for South African celebrities.

Another shocking exit shortly

Just last year I spoke to a South African artist telling them to seek Christ as refugee as a group of drug warlords will snatch their life,

He went on to post that Prophets warning about death are not from God ,God is love,

Just know we prophesy to save lives but South African people will always be stubborn.

Sella,”he wrote

Zodwa Wabantu blames herself for AKA’s death

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