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Zimbabwean Prophet Predicted AKA’s Death Says Rapper Ridiculed Him.

According to the revelations made by the man of cloth, Prophet Mellontik Orasi tried to assist the late South African rapper AKA after correctly predicting what would happen to him, but the musician declined his assistance.

Orasi published his allegations on his Facebook page, where he also stated that AKA would still be alive today if he had listened to him.

As known as Rubbish me

This was not supposed to take place; let us pray for the well-being of South African celebrities.

Another unexpected departure coming sometime soon

Just the year before, I had a conversation with a South African artist and advised them to seek safety in Christ since a bunch of drug warlords were going to take their life.

He continued by writing that Prophets who prophesy about death are not from God since God is love and love conquers all.

Please understand that we prophesy to save lives, but the people of South Africa will never change their minds.


When Orasi made the prophecy at some point during the month of August of the previous year and reached out to AKA, the rapper posted the following on Twitter:

People need to stop trying to frighten one another by offering “prophecies” and “dreams” that aren’t needed, aren’t solicited, and are given out RANDOMLY. God is not a God of fear, but of love and warmth instead. No one who intentionally tries to terrify you or instills fear in you can be considered a messenger of God. You will recognize the voice of God.


AKA's Death
AKA’s denouncement of Orasi

AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, was gunned down along Florida Road in Morningside, Durban.

AKA had just turned 35 on 28 January and he was having a string of birthday celebrations across the country.

The Lemons/Lemonade hitmaker was about to go perform at Yugo Durban at an event dubbed AKA Supa Mega Birthday Celebration when he was shot dead by two gunmen.

Meanwhile, a first responder at the scene, who spoke to News24 on condition of anonymity, said AKA was shot while standing on the pavement when gunfire rang out shortly after 10pm.



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