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Nellie Tembe’s Father Denies Killing AKA

THE tragic death of rapper AKA has not only shocked Mzansi, but has also raised many questions, with many accusing Moses Tembe, the father of AKA’s late fiancée, Anele, of being behind the rapper’s death.


Moses stated on Saturday, February 11, that anyone who truly knows him and his family would not spread such rumours.

“We’ve never judged Kiernan, and we demonstrated our love for him to the very last day.

“We’re so saddened by this sad eventuality as it robs us of the opportunity we have been waiting for so patiently to vindicate our daughter in court or inquest,” he said.

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He said they felt pain for AKA’s family.

“I would like to visit his home and convey our condolences in person.

“As a parent, I feel deep pain for Kiernan’s parents (Tony and Lynn), his daughter Kairo and the family at large.

“Kiernan’s extraordinary music contributed meaningfully to South Africa’s rich musical tapestry.

“We extend our condolences to his extended family and his fans.

“We also call on South Africans to show compassion and give the family space, time, and respect on all platforms,” he said.

AKA was shot and killed alongside his former manager and friend, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, outside Wish restaurant on Durban’s Florida Road in Durban on Friday, 10 February, by two unknown gunmen. The 35-year-old, whose real name was Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, was embracing Tibz when he was shot just after 10pm.

He was on his way to a performance at Yugo restaurant, also in Durban, when he was killed.

Fans of the rapper have called for the swift arrest of the suspects.

There have been several stories surrounding his death, with many asking who hired the hitmen to kill him.

Murder for hire has resulted in the deaths of businessmen, politicians, whistle-blowers and celebrities such as DJ Sumbody and singer Vusi Ma R5.

Some social media users blamed Anele’s family, who died under mysterious circumstances in Cape Town in 2021.

They even accused Moses of avenging his daughter as they believe AKA had something to do with Anele’s death.

Abel Sabelo wrote: “AKA married Anele Tembe a girl from Durban.

“Rocky marriage with several fights.

“Tembe allegedly took her life by jumping off a hotel window.

“Her tycoon father Moses Tembe denied she took her own life.

“AKA was in Durban for a gig and he was shot six times.”

Scoobynero wrote: “In 2021, AKA’s girl Nellie Tembe fell from a hotel in Cape Town and died. Hotel staff claimed they heard arguments from their room, but AKA claimed she jumped. Police dismissed the case. She is a Durban native from a wealthy home. AKA visited Durban and posted his location on IG.”

Mulomo Zambia wrote: “AKA should have known that the Tembe family were still angry. He just handed himself over.”

Mluh Bhengu wrote: “In KZN, family, relatives, and friends were still angry about the death of Anele Tembe.

“Others were waiting for AKA to show up and pay revenge AKA came to Durban and he was shot dead.”

KZN Premier Nomusa Dube Ncube condemned the violent killing of AKA.

“We are shattered by the manner of death. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions and we call on law enforcement authorities and the people of our country to join hands in ensuring the killers are brought to justice” she said.

Colonel Robert Netshiunda pleaded with anyone who may have information that could help with the investigation to contact their nearest police station.

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