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Heartless Inkabi takes human life for R40 000: How Much Was He Paid For AKA’s Death?

Following the death of South African rapper AKA from gunshot wounds on Wednesday, there has been speculation that his death was an assassination by an inkabi (assassin).

AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, was gunned down with his friend Tebello Motsoane as they left a restaurant in Morningside to go to Yugo Durban for his birthday celebrations. Instagram stories by AKA moments before his death showed the restaurant he was at which, some believe, gave away his location to the inkabi.

An inkabi recently confessed detailing a chilling account of how they operate, revealing they get paid at least R40 000 per job to shoot people dead.

An inkabi is a person who is paid to take out a target. SABC reports that they are usually hired to eliminate people in taxi wars, for life insurance claims, by rogue police officers, business people, politicians or gang members who want to take out their opponents.

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One hitman agreed to an interview with the SABC’s Cutting Edge team and revealed spine-chilling details of how they are hired to eliminate people.

The SABC reporter called the inkabi, letting him know he had arrived at their agreed location. To his surprise, the hitman told him to park where he was because he had seen him already.

Asked what an Inkabi is, he said:

“I am hired to help people who are in trouble. You find us in church a lot. We go there to ask for forgiveness. We believe more than all the congregants. We pray to be cleansed because we shoot people for a living.”

The Inkabi added:

“This job requires boldness and bravery. You should not have a conscience. You should be able to sit and eat with a person and later eliminate them because you have been paid to do so.”

“Our clients are high-ranking people. I operate like intelligence. I research my targets. I monitor their movements. I find out about their habits. I investigate where they live. I have to be thorough to avoid mistakes.

“I hack their phones to see whom they communicate with. After I am satisfied with my investigation, I then consult the ancestors of my target. I perform a ritual in the river and ask permission to eliminate them because they are troublesome.”

Asked how much he charges for a job, the inkabi revealed:

“It depends on the client. There are high-ranking people, business people and ordinary people. Their status determines the fee. But the minimum charge is R40 000.”

Watch below as the inkabi details a chilling account of how he is hired to eliminate people.

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