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Prophet Who Predicted AKA’s Death Warns Cassper Nyovest, Big Zulu To Beware

Cassper Nyovest and Big Zulu have received a dire warning from the Zimbabwean prophet who predicted AKA’s death.

Obey Mukanhairi, a Zimbabwean cleric based in South Africa who is also known on social media as Dr-Prophet Mellontik Orasi Sos, has become well-known for making predictions about famous people that have come true.

Last year, the prophet sent a message to the late rapper AKA, warning him of imminent disaster. However, the rapper was enraged by the message and took to Twitter to vent his rage. He stated:

People need to stop scaring others by offering unwanted and unrequested “prophesies” and “dreams” absolutely RANDOMLY. God is a God of love and warmth, not FEAR. Anyone who tries to scare you or make you fearful is not a messenger of GOD. You will know God’s voice.”

AKA was killed in a possible criminal-organised murder on February 10, 2023. The rapper had just left Wish restaurant in Morningside, Durban, and was on his way to perform at Yugo Durban in commemoration of his birthday.

After the tragedy, Prophet Mellontik Orasi revealed that the rapper dismissed him months prior.

“Just last year, I spoke to a South African artist, telling them to seek Christ as a refuge as a group of drug warlords will snatch their life. AKA Rubbished me. This wasn’t to have happened. He went on to post that prophets warning about death are not from God. God is love.”

The religious leader has now issued a dire warning to rappers Cassper Nyovest and Big Zulu, disclosing that they are under attack. Prophet Mellontik Orasi, on the other hand, deleted the Facebook post. He had suggested:

“May God protect Casper. May He also increase his safety. Deep forces [are] baying for Casper and Big Zulu. I have warned plainly to save lives.”

Cassper Nyovest recently revealed that since the death of his close friend DJ Sumbody, he has doubled his security because he no longer feels safe.

Big Zulu, a rapper and taxi owner, revealed in an interview with Podcast And Chill that he walks around with a gun for security. He even pulled it out and showed it to MacG, much to the delight of South Africans.

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