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Teen Squanders Her Granny’s R1,2 Million In Three Months Buying Chicken Licken

A viral social media video has shocked South Africans after a sneaky teenager was caught squandering her grandmother’s savings.

She used a whooping R1.2 million in less than three months, the video claims.

In the undated video, the unnamed teenager is being interrogated by a group of men, presumably her uncles. They present bank statements showing that the teen had been using her grandmother’s money without her knowledge.

The incident is said to have happened in South Africa, with the language spoken in the video being Northern Sotho or Sepedi, common in Pretoria and other parts of north Gauteng.

The girl reportedly took her grandmother’s bank card and went on a spending spree, buying a number of things, including large sums of Chicken Licken and liquor. According to the man on the video, the total amount she spent within a period of three months summed up to a whopping R1.2 million.

Watch the video below;

While some social media users believe that the teenager cannot have spent that kind of amount on her own, others argue that the men in the video may have had a hand in her grandmother’s missing money.

“No they’re using her as the scapegoat, she didn’t even spend 100k. This one, those talking from the background are hiding something,” commented one user @Gary Moffat.

Another user @Eugene Mokoele suggested a plot twist, saying, “

These guys have access to the money and they stole it and let her spend a young R100k for 3 months so that they could come and use her as a scapegoat. I mean how did they know she was spending the money and why were they calling her every time she did, how did they know?”

It is unclear when the incident took place, but the video has sparked a debate on social media about financial abuse and the importance of safeguarding the elderly’s savings.


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