Kenyan Woman, Daughter Sadly Found Dead Inside Van In Finland

Police in Tahko, Finland have launched investigations into the mysterious death of a Kenyan mother and her daughter.

The bodies of Catherine Anyango and her daughter Michelle were found inside their van at the main parking lot of the resort town on Thursday, February 9.

According to local media, Catherine 43, and her daughter Michelle who police say is in her twenties had come to work in Nilsi where they had a samosa stand, but did not return home after that.

The women’s relatives had already tried to reach the women without success when they reported to local police.

The police say they received a report on February 8 about the missing women and the next day, Thursday, the women were found dead in Tahko.

Local police said the matter is being investigated but at the moment they say there might not have been foul play.

It is suspected that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning after retiring to their van in the below-freezing Tahko temperatures.

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According to the family, the duo had been missing for 7 days.

“The deceased Catherine and Mitchell were last seen alive at 04.00 of Saturday morning doing their daily selling of food in their truck. Apparently, after closing the business, it’s suspected that they decided to take a nap in the truck based on the position they were found in sleeping side by side,” the WhatsApp message read in part.

“After the autopsy, it’s been discovered that the cause of death is inhaling carbon monoxide in their sleep leading to lack of oxygen. So it’s possible that they used charcoal to cook or something that produce carbon monoxide because the truck had carbon monoxide. The police have allowed for funeral arrangements and collection of the bodies ASAP,” they added.

The duo owned a food cart company and specialized in ‘ethnic’ food including samosas.

They moved from town to town, selling unique cuisine.

Following the tragic deaths, the family is calling on well-wishers to assist in repatriating the bodies home for burial.-Nation

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