Lorraine Guyo’s Valentine’s Gift Car Belongs To Lover’s Third Wife

SOCIALITE Lorraine Guyo’s Valentine’s Day gift of a car belongs to her married lover’s wife, H-Metro has established.

An unidentified lady phoned this publication, claiming that the car donated to Lorraine, of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame, is hers.

“My husband took my car promising to take it for mechanical problem fixing,” she said.

“I was surprised to see the vehicle posted with new registration plates by Lorraine

“It really affected me and my family, and I do not want to expose my husband to avoid domestic violence.”

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Contacted for comment, Lorraine confirmed to have been called by the woman over the vehicle.

“I was phoned by a lady who claimed to be the wife of the person who gave me the vehicle,” said Lorraine.

“As a celebrity, men or women can give me gifts, some hand them to me for donations.

“I do not know if her claims are true or if she is after causing a scene.

“What I know for now is that this is my fourth car, and she is performing well on the road.

“Ndiyani asingade kupihwa mota, saka ndirikufara nayo,” said Lorraine.

Impeccable sources told H-Metro that the woman has since separated from the man who donated the vehicle to Lorraine.

Reports suggest she was the donor’s third wife.

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