Makhadzi refuses to apologise to Open Mic

It appears like Open Mic Production will not receive the required apologies from performer Makhadzi.

Through its attorneys, Mphahlele and Masipa Attorneys, the contentious record company sent a letter of demand to the musician on Wednesday.

According to the message delivered to the musician’s private email, Open Mic required Makhadzi to apologise by Friday.


“Your client alleges that she is or was being treated like a ‘slave’ and was not paid a single cent. These allegations are patently false and defamatory,” read the letter.

“In light of the above, our client hereby demands an apology and retraction of the aforesaid false, harmful and defamatory statements, which must be also published through your client’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.”

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However, a source close to Makhadzi said the Limpopo artist would not apologise.

The source added:

Makhadzi will not apologise to Open Mic. They did this on purpose, knowing very well that they have paid influencers [on Twitter]. Influencers only have half of the information. They (Open Mic) are trying to shift the blame. Makhadzi never said that Open Mic didn’t pay her money for her shows. She said they did not give her a cent for her sales, which is the truth.

“Open Mic called for this matter to remain confidential knowing that it would not allow Makhadzi to defend herself. All along these people were not talking to her, they were talking to her lawyers. Suddenly yesterday, they sent her the letter before it even got to her legal team. I think the aim was to frustrate her so that she can mess up because they know whatever they wrote there is a lie. So they wanted her to run to social media and make noise.”

The letter that was also sent to the MaGear hitmaker’s legal team alleged she was paid about R8 million by the label.

“We annex hereto a schedule of some of the payments advanced by our client to yours, totalling an amount of R7 956 084, as well as another payment of R300 000 made by our client to “TW Property” under the reference “Makhadzi House Deposit”.

They further explained that the artist was loaned R300 000 by the label because she wanted to buy a house, but she paid it back.

The source said the only money Makhadzi received from the label was for her bookings and nothing else, stating:

This is a lie, Makhadzi did not receive an advance. The proof of payments attached to their letter is from the month she started working with Open Mic in 2020, so they calculated every amount that came in from her shows without deducting the money for the dancers and everything. It is not like Open Mic sent Makhadzi a lump sum of R8 million. Those payments were not for her album sales but for the shows. She also has a spreadsheet as proof.

The source told City Press that Makhadzi was sent her contract this week.

“The renewal clause said Open Mic may renew the contract, meaning that it was favouring only them. That contract is invalid, and if they feel like it is valid, they must take her to court. There is no contract that must favour only one party,” said the source.

The letter sent to Makhadzi and her lawyers stated that she breached her contract when she spoke about her matters with the label in public.

It further stated that legal steps would be taken if the artist did not apologise by Friday, midday.

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Makhadzi told City Press since the matter was now a legal one, she would not comment.

Open Mic’s managing director Nkateko Maluleke declined to comment on the dispute with Makhadzi.

“We will not be commenting on this issue as we are contractually bound by confidentiality provisions in the agreement entered into with our artist Makhadzi.”

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