‘You should have bought a gun’: Burna Boy dedicates song to AKA

Nigerian music sensation, Burna Boy, has released a short track paying his tribute to slain South African hip hop star AKA, who died this past weekend in a shooting incident.

It seems AKA’s death left Burna Boy shell-shocked, rapping that his death in a shooting “took me out of a positive mood.”

The two were once close friends who later became rivals in the music industry.

The African Giant claims there was no love lost between the duo after they publicly fell out having collaborated on the hit song “All Eyes on Me“.

In a tribute song posted on his Instagram stories,He poured out his heart, rapping about his sorrow and past interaction with AKA.

The song’s lyrics referred to a moment when AKA saw Burna Boy with a gun and the latter suggested he should have one too.

The lines went thus:

“WTF is all of that about/ I just heard he died, seen that video at that restaurant/

Took me out of a positive mood/

Took me back to that day when you saw my (gun) and you said I was wild/

Then I told you you should have one too/

Cuz it weren’t like niggaz wasn’t dying but I thought you knew/

And I ain’t really fuck with you/

But I didn’t want you dead, it was like that with me and you/


I hope they catch whoever did you wicked/

I hope you rest in peace, even though we ain’t kick it/

At the end of the day we some grown ass niggaz”

Burna Boy’s tribute to AKA has created quite a stir in the music industry, with many applauding him for finally saying something after an almost week-long silence.

Watch Burna Boy’s short track:

The tragedy of AKA’s untimely death has underscored the need for greater security measures in the entertainment industry. With many musicians becoming targets of violence, there is a growing concern for their safety, and this is something that has been discussed in many quarters.

Many fans believe Burna Boy’s tribute to AKA is a poignant reminder of the dangers that lurk in the music industry, and the need for artists to take their security seriously.-iHarare

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