Trevor Noah Linked To Illuminati Following Viral Pic

Like many famous people, Trevor Noah has been the subject of rumours about his alleged membership in the Illuminati, a secret society.

Fans back home speculated on social media about the South African comedian who recently hosted the Grammys.

Trevor Noah is pictured with the elite of the music business, including Jay Z, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Lil Baby, in a picture that has drawn attention.

The group of men – wearing all black – are seen in an ominous setting amongst a table laid with food.

But viewers of the Grammys will immediately recognise the image from a scene from the Grammys during the rappers’ all-star performance of the track God Did.

The song – also starring John Legend – was released in August 2022.


Although the Grammys occurred earlier this month, the picture of Trevor Noah and his A-list pals recently resurfaced.

And many South African fans are chastising the local star for what they claim is a “mockery” of the Last Supper.

Others claimed the image was significant of his allegiance, allegedly with the Illuminati.

@RaysGoneTru: “Welcome to Illuminati.”

@Nwa_Khalanga_: “This picture is just so dark; it gives off back energy.”

@Boohoospongey: “That’s a ritual…..all black attire..with the head honcho Jay Z.”

@SmiraMlots3: “There’s no turning back for him.”



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