Mliswa Slams Courts For Selectively Releasing Robert Mugabe Junior

NORTON Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has slammed the selective application of law following the decision by the State to free Robert Mugabe Junior following his arrest for malicious damage of property.

Mugabe was accused of damaging a friend’s vehicle and property worth US$12,000 at a party held in Harare’s Strathaven suburb during the weekend.

Following his arrest, Mugabe was set free on Monday on the basis that he would negotiate a possible settlement with the complainant.

According to Mliswa, once the issue had reached the courts it was supposed to be recorded and the parties involved would appear before the Magistrate.

“Not that I want him in jail so much but this is just preferential treatment as can be accessed by those with links to certain levels of power,” Mliswa said on Twitter.

“The lawyer would then give a plea that they go and negotiate. The Magistrate would rule on that, not this underhand business. At the courts any withdrawal should be the initiative of the applicant through the Magistrate not the National Prosecution Authority,” he added.

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According to Mliswa, the NPA forced the complainant to the negotiation table.

“The negotiations should have been done at the Police station where the case was first reported. Now the NPA is forcing the complainant to go back and negotiate, is that what he wanted? It’s not the duty of the NPA,” said the outspoken MP.

He also reprimanded Robert Mugabe Junior urging him to go to rehab.

“The young man Robert should also get immediate assistance as he seems to have serious problems. It should be made conditional that he seeks rehabilitation.”

Mugabe spent the night in detention at Avondale Police Station before being taken to Harare magistrate court where reportedly he spent the day going from office to office before he was set free.

He did not even appear in any court before a magistrate and asked if charges had been withdrawn his lawyer Ashiel Mugiya said; “No charges were not withdrawn. The state decided to give parties the opportunity to negotiate”.-New Zimbabwe

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