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Prominent Consul’s Family Survives Death By A Whisker In Macheke

Prominent Zimbabwean-based Oman honorary consul and entrepreneur Kamal Khalfan and his family with friends last night survived death by a whisker after his Toyota Land Cruiser was swept by a strong water current on a small bridge at Eldorado Ranch in Macheke, Mashonaland East.

Reports are that when they arrived in the morning the water over the bridge was not high, so they crossed without any problems.

In the afternoon, it is alleged they went for a game drive, but they got stuck because of mud after heavy rainfall. They were rescued by farm workers and proceeded to view wildlife.

Apparently, the authorities are on record calling on members of the public to avoid crying to cross flooded rivers.

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Over the years, a lot of people have died after being swept away by flooded rivers.

On January 17, 2022, one died when a Nissan Atlas 3 Tonne truck with one passenger on board, travelling along Gatche-Gatche, Kariba road was swept by water currents at Nyaodza Bridge.

Flooding may occur where water from bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes or dams overflow or break their banks, due to heavy rain or the breaching of a dam upstream.

It may also occur where the amount of rain or water that has overflowed from a dam or river is too much for the earth to absorb and so leaves water on the surface unable to penetrate already saturated soil.

Where river levels rise, due to heavy rain, above the level of low-lying bridges, the flooded bridges may disappear from sight.

Hard surfaces such as tarmac roads are unable to absorb water. They are normally built in a manner that allows rain to flow to the sides. In urban areas, there are normally storm water drains that water can drain into and flow away.

However, storm water drains in some places, including Harare, frequently become clogged up with refuse that has been thrown into them or the belongings of street kids who have deposited them there. This prevents the drainage of water, resulting in streets becoming flooded.


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