DJ Sbu Slams South Africans Not Listening To AKA’s Album

South African musician and businessman DJ Sbu recently joined DJ Fresh on his new YouTube podcast called WAW. During the podcast that started this week, Sbu shared his thoughts about people not listening to slain rapper AKA’s posthumous album Mass Country.

According to Sbu, everyone in South Africa should have streamed the album by now.

Social media users who listened to the podcast feel as though Sbu is trying to emotionally blackmail them. Others, however, agreed with his sentiments.

Shortly after 35-year-old Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was killed by assassination in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal outside a restaurant, his family released his album Mass Country.

The album received a number of streams on its first day out and continues to gain momentum.

This isn’t enough for Mo’Fire founder DJ Sbu who recently appeared as a guest on DJ Fresh’s podcast WAW! – What a Week.

According to Sbu, everyone in South Africa should be streaming the album.

“If you are South African and you are not listening to the new AKA [album], shame on you.”

“I’m listening to a track called Company, featuring K.DDO, he did Fela on Versace with him. He’s a dope singer. Obviously, you guys have listened to Prada with Khuli Chana. There is a dope track. The intro is really dope, it’s called Last Time,” he told Fresh.


For a number of people, DJ Sbu’s words were motivational and encouraging, for others, he was forcing the album down their throats.

Take a look at some of their comments regarding the matter below:

@TheRealNtsiK said:

“Lol, the amapiano artists are not listening to it. Maphorisa, Kabza, didn’t even bother to send a lousy message of condolences.”

@RSeraki added: “Mass country is not a good album, shoot me.”

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