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Six Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bona Mugabe

The daughter of Zimbabwe’s first president Bona Mugabe is trending on social media after it emerged that she is divorcing her husband of nine years, Simba Chikore. Her divorce has sparked so much interest in the public eye, as people are keen to discover more information about her.

Here are a couple of things you probably didn’t know;

1. Full name

Bona’s full name is Bona Nyepudzayi Ouma Mugabe. She was named after Robert Mugabe’s mother.

Her father used to call her Bona Ouma.


2. Birthday

Bona Mugabe was born on Independence Day 18, April 1988. She was born 4 years before Robert Mugabe’s first wife, Sally Mugabe, passed on.


3. Education qualifications

Bona Mugabe was not home-schooled; she went to school just like any normal ordinary kid. She attained her education at Dominican Covenant Primary School and Dominican Covenant High School, respectively.

Bona Mugabe is the epitome of beauty and brains. Just like her father, who had many academic degrees, Bona has two degrees to her name. She has a Bachelors of Business Administration (Honours) Degree in Accountancy from the City University in Hong Kong. She also has a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Singapore. She was the only Zimbabwean and African doing that program at the Management Development Institute of Singapore.

Bona Mugabe education qualification
Bona Mugabe (Image Credit: BBC News/ Pindula)


4. Deportation

Bona was deported from Australia in 2008. She was deported by the Australian government whilst studying there. Bona was deported alongside 7 other children from senior government officials.


5. She Was Her Father’s Favourite

Bona Mugabe was daddy’s little girl. Robert Mugabe even revealed that she was his favourite child. The late former president once opened up on how he used to buy her clothes at Marks and Spencer every time he was in England.

“Each time I would visit England I would go to Marks and Spencer and there I would always buy something for Ouma even if I did not buy anything for anyone else I would buy for her and it was always a uniform,” Robert Mugabe told The Patriot newspaper.

5. Wedding

Bona Mugabe got married to Simba Chikore in 2014. The couple got married at Mugabe’s Blue Roof mansion, Borrowdale, Harare, at a glamorous wedding. The wedding is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest and most flamboyant weddings to date. Her wedding was attended by local politicians and business bigwigs, and regional leaders.

Bona Mugabe things you probably didn't know
Bona Mugabe and Simba Makore (Image Credit: NewsHawks)

Even though the actual cost of the wedding was not made public, their wedding is estimated to have cost over US$1 million. Their wedding was reportedly funded by family, friends and relatives.


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