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Man Evicted From Irvines Company House, Heartbroken Wife Dies Days Later

A HARARE family suffered a double blow when their mother died on Tuesday just days after they were evicted from a company house.

Brighton Chabayanzara, is a troubled man after his wife, Merjury Jese Chabayanzara, suddenly died on Tuesday.

Reports are that she suffered a stroke, following their eviction.

The family has been staying on the roadside since their eviction.

Family spokesperson, Melody, said they have nowhere to conduct the funeral due to their impasse with the company.

“We are devastated following the death of my mother. She was admitted at Sally Mugabe Hospital and died yesterday (Tuesday).

“We have nowhere to conduct a decent funeral for our mother.

“My father is currently not well.

“We are trying to engage the company, but they are refusing to entertain us.”

She added: “I am worried about my father who seems to be depressed now.

“Burial arrangements are difficult to talk about since there is a need for a post-mortem.

“Doctors are saying my mother died of natural causes.

“We are appealing for help for our mother’s burial.”

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The father, Brighton, worked for the company for 50 years.

However, the company defended itself.

“Brighton Chabayanzara was employed by Irvine’s Zimbabwe Private Limited as a driver from March 13, 1972.

“He was provided with company accommodation as a benefit of his employment at the time.

“He attained late retirement age, being 65 years of age, in 2017.

“In accordance with company policy, and by mutual agreement, he was, however, permitted to continue rendering services to the company at its discretion on the basis that he was still capable of performing his duties.

“Upon achieving the age of 70, it, however, became clear to both parties that Brighton could no longer discharge his duties satisfactorily and it was mutually agreed that he should go on retirement with effect from October 1, 2022.

“His last day of employment was, therefore, September 30 last year.”

The company said Brighton was not opposed to the arrangement.

Brighton Chabayanzara
Brighton Chabayanzara


“He, however, unrealistically demanded the following as his retirement package – that the company should construct a house for him, that the company should purchase a motor vehicle for him and that a cash payment be made to him.

“The company held a meeting with Brighton and explained that his request was untenable, not only because company policy cannot support such employee demands as a termination package.

“He was also reminded at the time that during the course of his employment, he had applied for and was granted a company housing loan on March 21, 2002, to the local equivalent value of US$15 385.

“His request pertaining to the construction of a house was therefore without a moral or contractual basis.

‘It is also indicative that Brighton was, therefore, without a contractual basis.

“It is also indicative that Brighton deliberately misled the company in applying for the company housing loan as he obviously had utilised these monies for purposes other than which it was intended for.

“He then requested that he be permitted to remain in occupation of company accommodation until the end of the third school term, being December 10 last year.

“The company acceded to his request in this regard on an exceptional basis

“The (eviction) summons were given to him on January 12 this year. Brighton failed to duly file a notice of appearance to defend within a stipulated seven-day period.

“An application for default judgment was filed on the company’s behalf on January 27.

“The application was granted and an order was issued by the Magistrates’ Court on January 30.”

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