Mai Denzel Demands Baba Denzel Pay Lobola Before They Reconcile

Mai Denzel is the talk of the town after making an appearance on the highly popular Star FM talk show On The Spot on Wednesday.

Despite the controversy that has surrounded her, Mai Denzel did not shy away from speaking candidly about her experiences.



Her appearance on the show has garnered a lot of attention and has made her the talk of the town on social media and other platforms.

Mai Denzel became a household name after audio recordings of her admitting to adulterous affairs were leaked onto the internet.

On Wednesday, Mai Denzel sat down for an exclusive interview with award-winning Star FM radio personality DJ Ollah 7.

Among other things, Mai Denzel gave her side of the story and set the record straight on several narratives.

Mai Denzel Sets One Condition For Reconciliation With Husband After Cheating On Him

One of the narratives that she disputed was that she and her husband had reconciled and decided to give their union a second chance.

Mai Denzel confirmed that while her husband has pleaded with her for reconciliation, she is yet to return to their marital home.

“Audio yekutanga yakataurwa achikumbira ruregerero achinditi ndokumbirawo vana. Izvozvi vana vana Baba vavo. Imwe audio yechi two akarecorder achiti, ‘Mai Denzy sorry nezvakaitika, ndakakanganisa. Ndokumbirawo udzoke’. Ndo audio yechi two. But zvazvakutaurwa kuti Mai Denzy vakadzokera, no handina kudzokera, ndichiriko hangu kumba kwedu,” Mai Denzel said.

Mai Denzel said she was still in love with her husband.

She revealed said she is willing to make their union work on one condition. Mai Denzel said she is only willing to reconcile with her partner if he pays lobola for her.

“Baba Denzy varikutondifonera. Akutoti ‘Mukadzi wangu ndinoda tidzokerane.’ Arikutondida. Pandatouya ipapa anga chindifonera achindibvunza kuti urikupi. Arikutondida Baba Denzel. Baba Denzy akaroora kumba kwedu ndinodzokera,” Mai Denzel revealed.

She revealed that they have been together for 13 years yet he has not paid lobola for her. Mai Denzel said she only wants to reconcile with Baba Denzel.

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