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Chinhoyi University Student Kills Self After Getting Caught Bedding Married Sugar Mama

Sadly, a 19-year-old student from Chinhoyi University of Technology committed suicide after being confronted about his relationship with a married woman, according to recent reports.

Gerald Tadiwanashe Mapurisa was found hanging from a tree in a Norton farm on January 6th just days before his 20th birthday.

It was on the night before he disappeared that Gerald’s affair with a married woman was brought to light.

His brother, Gilbert Mapurisa, narrated his last interaction with him claiming that Gerald might have killed himself over a married woman. He alleges that Gerald might have also been confronted by the married woman’s husband.

The revelation was made during a memorial church service held for him in Norton this past weekend.

“He came and gave us US$10 and we went to a bar where Gerald met a woman unaware that she was married. I was upset with his behavior of hooking up with a woman he found in a bar. The woman would not leave Gerald and we left the bar after midnight but we could not take her home,” Gilbert narrated.

“Gerald had a one-night stand with the woman. I want to believe that someone informed her husband about our movements. We later learned that the woman was married and, when we asked her, she told Gerald that she had been stressed by her husband and wanted comfort. We went home, and I left Gerald asleep and went to town.”

“That was the last time I saw Gerald alive, only to find his body in a mortuary. Akaponderwa mukadzi wemunhu Gerald. Zvinondirwadza ndichirikushaiwa hope. Mweya waGerald ngauzorore murugare,” said Gilbert.

It’s still unclear what drove Gerald to take his life but his mother, Mabem Chivhayo, had this to say about the loss of her son, “He was intelligent, had a bright future and had promised to change our lives for the better. May God give me strength. We have more questions in connection with his alleged suicide.”

According to a post-mortem, Gerald had indeed committed sui_cide.

His sister, who wished to remain anonymous, said that “We still can’t believe he’s gone. He was always full of energy and had a bright future ahead of him, but now it’s all gone.”

The relationship that led to Gerald’s sudden death has certainly left the family and the Norton community in shock.

Chinhoyi University Student Kills Self After Getting Caught Bedding Married Sugar Mama

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