Gogo Maweni, Sabelo Mgube set for divorce

Things are not looking good for celebrity sangoma Lee-Anne “Gogo Maweni” Mokopo and her husband Sabelo Mgube. 


This is according to a close friend who says the two have been having trouble in their relationship recently, Sabelo crashed Good Maweni’s new Mercedes Benz. The close friend says there are also allegations of infidelity in the new marriage. “She is an independent woman, she makes more money and her ego is inflated. You can earn money, which is already an issue for a man. When he crashed her car, she said some crazy things to him which I will not repeat.” The close friend says that Sabelo is an understanding husband but has had enough. “She can fight and have fake beef with people, but not bring that home. They are still together and living in the house but they are having serious issues. I won’t mention the insecurities. She thinks every woman wants her husband.”



Gogo Maweni previously dated former Mamelodi Sundowns soccer player Siyabonga Zulu, who she tried to take to the maintenance court, but when he failed to pay, she admitted to using muthi to “destroy his lie.” In a podcast interview, she revealed that she was supporting the fallen footballer and he messed up. “I gotta take credit for that though,” she laughs after admitting to bewitching him. She said Siyabonga drove her car, lived in her house, and once spent R45 000 at a nightclub. After being unemployed for some time, she helped him get a good football contract and from then he changed and started cheating.



Gogo Maweni also has a child with controversial actor Skhumbuzo “SK” Khoza whom she also had to take to court for child maintenance several times. But she has since defended SK and called out her friend and YouTuber Musa Khawula for leaking their WhatsApp messages, discussing SK Khoza’s allegedly positive HIV status. Maweni was not impressed by him leaking their conversation. In the conversation, Gogo Maweni says, “He tested for HIV for his upcoming role and the results were positive for HIV. That’s why he is now ekhaya (at home).” After the leaked conversation, she says, “I know we are friends but this is low and he is still the father of my child, it’s not your place to disclose his status. He will be fine, it’s not a death sentence, and may he find strength. Please delete the post.” Gogo Maweni could not be reached for comment, despite numerous attempts.

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