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“Businessman Files Complaint Against Ex-Wife for Misusing Criminal Justice System”

A letter of complaint has been written by a prominent businessman, Michael Ndoro, to the acting Prosecutor General, Mr. Nelson Mutsonziwa, regarding the alleged abuse he is facing at the hands of his ex-wife, Precious Star Jenami, through the prosecution system. In the letter, Mr. Ndoro accused Ms. Jenami of using the National Prosecution Authority to harass him and his partner with frivolous charges that are damaging their reputation and wasting state resources. He requested the NPA to investigate the dockets related to the cases, as it appears that there has been a deliberate oversight to continue the harassment.

Mr. Ndoro highlighted that he had been incarcerated since September 2022 on charges of misusing Form 242, which were reported in February 2022 by Ms. Jenami at Avondale Police Station. The case has been postponed every month since September, and a trial date has been set for March 7, 2023, by the prosecution, which he claims is in total disregard of an order issued by Mrs. Justice Chirawu-Mugomba on May 24, 2019, at the High Court.

The order clearly stated that Ms. Jenami should stop instituting legal proceedings related to companies in which both parties had an interest until the divorce matter, in this case, number HC 9611/18 is finalized. Mr. Ndoro called for a review of this case by the NPA to determine its legal standing and if there was any violation or contempt of court.

Mr. Ndoro also mentioned a case, CR 105/06/22, where Ms. Jenami had accused him of contempt of court in relation to a Domestic Violence Case DV 87/19, which was heard by the Provincial Prosecutor in Goromonzi Magistrate Court in October 2022. Upon reviewing the docket, the prosecutor advised Ms. Jenami that her case was frivolous and cautioned her and her lawyers for being vexatious.

Despite this, Ms. Jenami proceeded to launch a complaint with the NPA office in Harare, and the files for all three cases – CR 105/06/22, CR 150/02/22, and CR 04/07/22, where she had unlawfully broken into his factory at his place of residence with armed thugs in July 2022 – were requested by the NPA head office and transferred to Marondera Magistrate Court.

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