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Forbes family yet to receive report on AKA’s murder

The Forbes family have reportedly not received any update from the police regarding the murder of their son Kiernan Jarryd Forbes better known as AKA. The slain rapper’s life got cut short after enjoying his meal with friends in Durban 2 months ago.

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The police apparently had an update on AKA’s murder investigation, however the family claims that they have not received much.

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes told You Magazine, “The feedback is that suspects are being interviewed and they’re following up on all the leads and witness statements. They haven’t given us new feedback yet.

“We must be patient and so should the public. As a family we want justice, but it’s not consuming us.”

After word got out that AKA’s murder suspects were arrested in Cape Town, the family called for the Megacy to be patient.

“We are at a loss for words to describe our gratitude for the outpouring of love that we’ve received from the Megacy. We’ve seen people deeply hurt and angered by Kiernan’s murder and wanting justice. As a family, we empathise with the grief experienced and we understand your pain.

“We are aware of the growing public discontent related to the progress which has been made in the investigation. However, as a family, we are deeply concerned that irresponsible actions, accusations and assumptions may cause more harm than good,” reads part of the statement.

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They then added that people should not be fooled by people posing as them asking for donations.

“At this time, we call on the Megacy to mourn responsibly and ask for patience so that the law enforcers have the space to do their job. We humbly request that you continue celebrating Kiernan’s life, preserve his memory and continue his legacy through his music. Your joyous celebration of his life gives us comfort.

“Lastly, we would like to bring to your attention that there are false requests for donations and investments from people posing as members of the Forbes family. We have not opened any donation accounts or requested any investments.”

The Megacy has since penned a letter to Bheki Cele and the President to seek justice in AKA’s murder.

“The murder of AKA was fully captured on CCTV, and there were many witnesses, yet, over six weeks later, the police have not made any arrests. The fact that there is a satellite police station right next to the restaurant at which the two were murdered and that the murderers can be seen on CCTV running past that station after the murders is an indictment on the police.

“According to the latest data, about 82 people are murdered in South Africa every day. That means since AKA’s murder, about 3444 people have been murdered in South Africa. Mr President, if the police are not able to solve a murder case captured on CCTV, what hope is there that they will be able to solve all these murders, most of which do not have readily available leads or evidence as the AKA one?”

“We demand justice for AKA. We need assurance from the police that they are indeed working on this case and that substantive progress has been made thus far”

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