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Paradzai Mesi theft charges withdrawn, vows to change

MUSICIAN Paradzai Mesi claims that after a week of personal struggles, he is now free and is already thinking about the future.

The band leader of Njerama Boys, has apologised to his followers and family after being arrested and accused of stealing food from a tuckshop at Glendale’s Henstone Farm last week.

Following the dismissal of the accusations against him by the complainant, Never Sabau, who affirmed his judgement in the Concession Magistrates’ Court that he was not influenced by anyone else, Mesi has pledged to mend his ways.

He declared that he was already anticipating his double performance at the Club Joy Centre in Chitungwiza, which is scheduled for this Friday and Saturday.

“To our fans ndirikuuya kuzokubharavadzai.

“It’s going to be fireworks on stage at Club Joy Centre,” he said.

The musician grabbed headlines after a video of him in handcuffs emerged.

Paradzai Mesi shaking hands with Never Sabau
Paradzai Mesi shaking hands with Never Sabau

He had been nabbed for theft.

But Mesi has now vowed to change.

“I am grateful for the help I received from Mudiwa Hood and I urge him to help many others who are in need.

“I also want to thank Never Sabau for forgiving me and for prioritising our relationship which I had messed up.

“I vow to change and be a better man,” Mesi told H-Metro outside court after his theft charge had been withdrawn.

Sabau told Magistrate Charity Maunga that his decision to withdraw the charges was not influenced by anyone.

“I am well versed with what the law says when one wishes to withdraw charges against an accused. I have taken into account that Mesi is my neighbour and we can resolve our differences amicably,” Sabau told the court.

According to H Metro, the two went on to share lighter moments outside court where their reconciliation was cemented by traditional healer, Sekuru Banda.

He compensated Sabau for his loss.

On Sunday, musician and businessman, Mudiwa, took Mesi shopping at OK Five Avenue, and also bought him designer suits

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