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Top celebrities linked to Thabo Bester

Convicted felon Thabo Bester, like suspected co-conspirator Nandipha Magudumana, has consistently claimed to have a celebrity circle. According to sources, the name of those high-profile individuals is being narrowed down…

The two are scheduled to appear in court again in the coming days on a variety of allegations ranging from murder to fraud to obstructing justice and even escaping prison.

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Thus far, several accomplices – including Nandipha Magudumana – have been linked to Thabo Bester.

However, an flag has been raised about another high-profile person, who Bester claims he essentially had on speed dial. This was revealed by News24 investigative journalist Karyn Maughan who shared her insights with Newzroom Afrika.

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She said: “We’ve been phoning a number of the people who’ve been visiting him, and a number of the people he listed as contacts – including a very well-known celebrity, who we know. We’ve seen her on the TV”.

Additionally, Maughn added that Bester would receive prison visits from a prominent female. In 2012, Bester was convicted of rape and murder, and sentenced to life at the Magaung Correctional Centre.

She added: “He was receiving visits from a woman who he claims to be this successful billionaire after the start of his relationship with Nandipha, which began in 2017”.


Meanwhile, Thabo Bester had previously alluded to being abandoned by his celebrity pals in a letter he wrote from prison.

In a leaked letter published by Drum, an imprisoned Bester wrote about feeling “loneliness, rejection, and judgment”. He also reportedly asked for forgiveness from high-profile people, who include Tumisho Masha, Pearl Thusi, and Bonang Matheba.

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“I am sorry for hurting and disappointing my friends, but I am disappointed in you so-called friends,” he wrote in the 2013 letter.

Addressing Bonang directly, Bester continued: “I was the one who believed in you from the days of UJ (University of Johannesburg). Through me, you got your dream job. From that Fiat to Mini, I was with you.”

He added: “It’s ok because God knows me, and I love you as a sister in God…Bonang, God bless you with more work”.

Thabo Bester’s letter name-dropping Bonang Matheba. Image via Drum

Bester also-name dropped other celebs, allegedly including actors Tumisho Masha, Pearl Thusi, and Amanda du Pont.

He added: “I am sorry for disappointing you…I pray for you all the time”.

To Pearl, he added: “You are an amazing soul. God opens the door to heaven.”

According to Drum, Bonang reportedly clapped back at Thabo Bester’s wild allegations. She told the publication: “This is bizarre because I don’t know him at all.”

“I don’t even know his real name – I only know him as the ‘Facebook Rapist’ because I read about him and his association with Pearl. I don’t know him from a bar of soap”

In investigations published by GroundUp, Thabo Bester once allegedly ran an elaborate, multi-million rand scam while in prison.

The publication reports that Bester – under an alleged accomplice – registered an event and production company called 21st Century Media in 2018. This, while he was imprisoned in Magaung Correctional Centre.

The company held a grand launch party at Hilton Hotel in Sandton, attended by celebs like Amanda du Pont and Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Bester – allegedly using the alias Tom Matsepe – told employees that he was based in New York. He also claimed that he was related to SA billionaire Patrice Motsepe.

Through the organisation, Bester facilitatedd a conference called the Women In Media and advertised tickets to the public for R1250.

The company booked Bonang Matheba as the MC and advertised US actresses Taraji P Henson and Halle Berry and singer Ashanti as speakers. Local actress and media mogul Connie Ferguson and presenter Claire Mawisa were also billed to appear.

But things took a turn for the worst when the women were alerted to the scam a month before the event was to take place.

Clearly embarrassed, Bonang issues a statement, withdrawing as host from the event.

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