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Blaq Diamond’s star Ndu Browns’ ex-girlfriend tells all in latest interview

Mzansi influencer and businesswoman Angel Ndlela has spoken candidly about her relationship with Blaq Diamond singer, Ndumiso “Ndu Browns” Mdletshe.

The socialite had a sit-down conversation with Lungelo KM on his YouTube podcast show called Engineer Your life and she used it as an opportunity to respond to the “trolls” who claim she used the Summer Yomuthi hitmaker to gain followers and become famous.

“When he dated me, he was a nobody. And if we’re being honest, he dated me because I was me,” she said about Ndu Browns.

She, however, clarified that he did not date her in order to advance or boost his music career as it was already taking off when they were an item.

“I don’t want to speak badly about him because he is such an amazing person and I don’t want this to come back again and become something negative.

When asked if she and Ndu Browns are in a good space or at least cordial with each other, Angel replied: “I don’t know that man… who’s that?… an ex is an ex. If you can treat me like I’m nothing when we’re together, how much more now?”

Angel — who has over 210 000 Instagram followers — is also a musician. She has a hit song titled Uzongkhumbula featuring TNS and Mpumi.

Blaq Diamond star Ndu Browns’ ex-girlfriend spills the beans

She recalled a time when he reached out to her to celebrate her performance and when she went to his house, she said she remembered why she doesn’t speak to him anymore. She claimed he told her “You will never be anything without me.”

The proud “original baddie” also claimed that she is one of the first South Africans to become popular on Instagram.

She, however, expressed that she has been struggling to date because as an established businesswoman she can’t seem to find a man who will meet her standards.

Angela said that, although she is lonely and is going out on dates, she realised that she is the problem because she doesn’t know what she wants.

The 29-year-old also said that men become more and more dishonest the older they gets.

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