‘Stop putting me in things that I am not involved in’: MaMkhize disowns Thabo Bester

She was shocked when she woke up to reports that she was named as one of the celebrity women, who allegedly visited convicted Facebook rapist and murderer, Thabo Bester at Mangaung Correctional Centre shortly before he escaped from prison. Businesswoman and Royal AM CEO Shauwn “Mamkhize” Mkhize has come forward to clear her name saying she does not know Thabo Bester.


The allegations came after journalist Karyn Maughn alleged that a “well-known celebrity and billionaire businesswoman” was linked to the convicted Facebook rapist and murderer in a TV interview. Karyn later clarified that the prison records provided by security company G4S do not list Shauwn Mkhize as having visited Thabo Bester in prison. “I’m not sure where her name entered into this story. I certainly did not name her,” Karyn says. “The woman who was reported to have visited Thabo Bester after he pretended to be Tom Motsepe, tried to woo them and talk them into deals. Many of these women have spoken about the shame and embarrassment they felt after discovering they’d been scammed by rapist-killer Bester. They felt stupid and wanted to put the experience behind them. That’s why they all said they didn’t report what happened to them,” she adds. “Thabo Bester was convicted of using Facebook to lure the models he raped. He has been shown to be manipulative. So, we need to be careful about condemning people who visited him or were taken in by him. Victim blaming may prevent people from coming forward. And then he wins,” Karyn adds.


 Mamkhize has come forward to state that she has no affiliation with the convicted rapist and murderer. “What does my name have to do with Thabo Bester? To the white lady, please tell the country who is the well-known celebrity involved. Stop putting me in things that I am not involved in.” The people who allegedly helped Bester to escape from prison will make their formal bail applications on 3 and 4 May when they appear in court for the third time since their arrest last month. Bester’s lover Dr Nandipha Magudumana, her co-accused and former G4S employee Senohe Matsoara, and Tebogo Lipholo are accused of tampering with security cameras on the night of Bester’s escape and are facing charges of violation of bodies, fraud and aiding and abetting an inmate. Her father Zolile Sekeleni and another G4S employee Motanyane Masukela will appear in court alongside Thabo Bester on May 16.

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